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BPM & Digitization - Part 1 Overview

  • Half a day Training or Extended version in one Day

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  • Remotely or "in situ"

  • English & French




How to cope with:

  • Digitalization, Data protection, Cyber Security challenges

  • Risk Management,

  • New regulations and the imperatives that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), AML/CFT (anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism – LCBFT), SAPIN 2 (the New French anti-corruption system) and the fight against internal and external fraud imply,

  • Optimization of the customer journey and the resulting satisfaction

  • etc.


For us, the only common concept all these GRC issues, is the horizontal enterprise one  and management through transversal processes or BPM - Business Process Management. In our opinion, it shouldn’t be considered as the support of all these disciplines, but in fact as its center allowing them to be implemented  properly and efficiently . More than a methodology it is a state of mind that gives tempo to the whole organization of the Company. 

You yourself know this sentence on the pediment of a temple in Delphi and taken up by SOCRATES has never been so relevant today. Not knowing oneself is lacking in agility of creativity which means disappearing shortly.

With examples, of companies that have adopted this posture, we will show you all the leverage effects that process management allows you to achieve.

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